David Miscavige Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center Address from the Grand Opening of The Founding Church of Scientology Washington, DC

     It was a pivotal time, not only in the history of our religion, but in the history of the United States and mankind as a whole. The mid-1950s were, after all, the high-water mark of the Cold War, with unrestrained nuclear testing, seriously mounting international tensions and real political oppression right here in the United States. And if one ever wondered who turned out the lights on this rather dark period, it was also in 1955 that the agents for the American Psychiatric Association met on Capitol Hill to ram home the infamous Siberia Bill, calling for a secret concentration camp in the wastes of Alaska.

     It was in the face of all this that L. Ron Hubbard arrived in June 1955, to establish the Founding Church, and thus effectively place Scientology on national communication lines.

     And so, this organization, the Founding Church of our religion truly became the critical line between barbarism and a new civilization.

     With the technology for the betterment of all mankind came so much of what we take for granted today. For example:

  • The first Publications Organization was established in Silver Springs, Maryland, and this became the site for the first publication and international dissemination of Mr. Hubbard’s materials.

  • It was here that the first Hubbard Guidance Center and first Scientology Academy were established.

  • It was here that the first certification of Scientology auditors occurred.

  • It was also the Founding Church where L. Ron Hubbard, as an ordained minister, conducted the first marriage and christening ceremonies.

     And it was also here that Mr. Hubbard, as the leader of a new and dynamic religious movement, knocked that Siberia Bill right out of the ring — inflicting a blow they would never forget.

     In addition to serving as this organization’s Executive Director for four years, L. Ron Hubbard authored nine books, including the first book of Scientology — The Fundamentals of Thought. Then there were the lectures from this period, comprising over twenty-five Congresses, Advanced Clinical Courses and Auditor Conferences — totaling more than 700 lectures in all.

     Yes, Washington, DC is the site of major and very significant Scientology breakthroughs.


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