David Miscavige Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center Address from the Grand Opening of The Founding Church of Scientology Washington, DC

      Tens of thousands of hours went into the building's restoration. This included: massive renovation efforts that spanned every trade from electrical to plumbing, to construction and cabinetry.

     This was truly a cooperative effort — from the Founding Church DC staff and public to Sea Organization members from New York and Los Angeles and literally hundreds of Scientologists from all up and down the east coast as well as from Chicago, Indianapolis, Seattle and Puerto Rico!

     I want to personally acknowledge and thank all of you for what you have done to make this new organization a reality.

     You have a new centerpiece for the expansion of Scientology into the nation’s capitol. This new organization is our gift to you — the Scientologists in the city of DC. Don’t consider this Church just a “building”. Consider it your home. Because that is what it is intended to be. You have available to you here the finest facilities on earth to train and to go free. Avail yourself of them.

     We are at threshold of a new era — a vital one. The battles of yesteryears and decades are gone. And it is time to move forward to create a new and glorious future.

     And who will create that future? You will.

     This facility represents the center for change; Your center from which you reach out.

     The community needs our help, with even bigger anti-drug programs and Narconons to cater to the rehabilitation needs of this community. And it is from here that those activities will be spearheaded.

     Greater literacy programs are needed in the inner-city. It is also from here that this action will emanate.


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