David Miscavige Chairman of the Board Religious Technology Center Address from the Grand Opening of The Founding Church of Scientology Washington, DC

     But today is different. That war is over. The IRS has recognized ALL of our churches. And that victory truly spreads planet-wide.

     It was during one of many dozens of trips to his city, to deal with the IRS, that the idea of obtaining this new Founding Church building was formed. After all, if we had fought so hard for so many years to stop suppression, it followed that we should put as much effort into our real mission of helping people with Dianetics and Scientology.

     The new building represents this new era. Her purchase took many months, but thanks to very persistent efforts, she was soon ours. But that was only the beginning.

     What stands before you is a beautifully restored historical building that has been ideally established for our Founding Church. The restorations are magnificent. They are the result of many kind contributions from Scientologists literally around the world.

     But that is not all. The building has a feeling of warmth. It is a place you want to be and represents the life of Scientology.



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